The Importance of Grooming your Cat

Whilst anyone who has a furry friend of the feline description knows that cats love to keep themselves clean and tidy as much as they can, often spending many hours every day preening their fur and ensuring that they stay spick and span, many don’t know the additional benefits of getting their cat professionally groomed.

Getting your cat groomed professionally can have a range of benefits that are a lot wider than just outside presentation – and it will help your cat feel brilliant too.

From the most commonly known benefits of a groom, such as looking after their skin and ensuring that they smell great and look shiny, through to helping with any hair that may have become tangled or matted during their outdoor and indoor adventures or helping to remove a funny or bad smell from the animal, grooming can also assist with health benefits. A groom will remove all of the ear or eye discharge from the cat – helping to stop any potential infection right in its tracks. Additionally, a good groomer will always thoroughly check over the animal throughout the duration of the groom, and this will help identify any lumps or bumps that may appear abnormal, so that the owner can get them checked out with a veterinarian sooner rather than  later.

As a summary, many owners of long-haired cats get theirs regularly groomed because grooming can and does help with the following issues.

  • Hairballs
  • Tangled or Matted fur
  • Ear or Eye discharge
  • A dirty coat
  • A bad, or funny, smell
  • Long, sharpened claws
  • Dandruff or other skin conditions

To make sure your cat stays happy and healthy, looking and smelling great, it may be time to get them booked in for that first groom today!

AV Purrfect Pets are animal groomers in the Huddersfield area – conducting cat grooming, dog grooming, small animal grooming and a pet spa service for their clients in the Almondbury area. With a professional approach and highly trained and knowledgeable staff, AV Purrfect Pets will ensure that your pet will leave feeling happy and looking and smelling great too!