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We know that feline clients can be sensitive, and that’s why we provide a bespoke cat grooming area, away from our Canine friends, which will help to make their grooming experience as positive as possible, ensuring a calm, happy and healthy looking cat every time.

If your cat needs a general tidy, or the full works, we have a range of options availbale to suit. Please note: all grooms include eyes and ears cleaning, and nail trimming as standard.

Option 1
Your cat will enjoy a thorough brush of their coat to remove all dead, unwanted hair. This is ideal for an introduction to grooming for the more sensitive cats, molting cats or maintenance of a long haired cat. Prices start from £15.

Option 2
A thorough brush of the coat and a dry shampoo which is massaged into the coat to remove any dirt and grease, leaving your cat smelling clean and fresh. This option is ideal for short haired cats that need some maintenance of the coat, or cats that dislike the noise of the hair dryer. Prices start from £17.

Option 3
This option is where your cat is washed, using our specialist pet-safe shampoo and conditioner. Your cat will then be dried and the coat brushed through, leaving the coat clean and silky soft. This groom type helps to prevent matting of the longer coat, and grease build up in all-length coats. Ideal for the longer haired cats to manage their coats, and for the more pampered feline. Prices start from £25.

Option 4
This is the most extensive cat-grooming option, and includes clipping and styling of your cat. This can range from clipping matted areas, to a full styling of the coat. This service includes either a dry shampoo or wet bath depending on the tolerance of your cat. This option is ideal for cats that struggle with their coat or are hard to maintain. Please ask for a quotation as this service is tailored to an individual’s needs.