Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming in HuddersfieldDog Grooming Services

Whether you’ve got a mucky pup or a dirty dog, AV Purrfect Pets will get them groomed back to perfection in no time!

We know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes: from a Chihuahua through to a Great Dane, and we also know that owners have bespoke requirements for what they desire from their dog grooming experience – which is why we recommend that owners get in touch with us for a tailored quotation.

We have split our services down into three option levels, with all options INCLUDING eye and ear cleans and nail trimming:

Option 1
A relaxing bath and dry, with a full brush-out of the coat. This option is ideal for molting dogs, dogs who suffer from odour problems, or dogs who need a little refreshing. It will also help owners to manage dogs with longer coats in-between full grooms.

Option 2
A relaxing bath and dry, with a full brush-out and a trim of unkempt areas of the coat. This option is ideal for breeds that need a regular tidy-up but do not require clipping or scissoring of the body.

Option 3
For the long coat breeds or the appearance-conscious owner, this option is the full groom: including a bath and dry, a brush out and full, premier styling of the dog’s coat.

Hand Stripping
AV Purrfect Pets are able to Hand Strip your dog, with prices starting from £20. Please get in touch with us for an accurate quote for your dog.

Please note that previously clipped coats may no longer be strippable, and we will happily advise if this is so. It is also advised that all hand stripped coats are not bathed on the same day as they are stripped, therefore we offer a free bath and dry the following week. This is to prevent infection of the dog’s skin which, if left, can cause serious health problems.

Pricing Guide:

Size of dog Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Small (up to 5kg) From £15 From £18 From £20
Medium (5kg to 15kg) From £18 From £20 From £25
Large (15kg to 30kg) From £20 From £25 From £30
Giant (30kg+) From £25 From £35 From £40