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Pet Grooming Services – Pricing

Purrfect Pets is a brand new Pet Salon and Spa. Whether you have a Dog or a Cat, a Rabbit or a Guinea Pig – Purrfect Pets provide perfect pet grooming services in Huddersfield.

Pricing for our extensive and wide range of treatments starts from just £4, and can be tailored specifically to suit your individual requirements. Contact us today for further information, or visit our services pages below to find out more:

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Policy Note: Flea Policy
We advise all clients to keep their pets up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. If you have any queries regarding any of these routine treatments, we are happy to offer advice.

Even if your pet is up to date with flea treatments, they can still pick up fleas for many reasons. Any pet found with fleas will be treated for them in the form of a flea shampoo. The shampoo kills all live fleas on contact, however it will not continue to protect your pet after they leave the parlour. Flea treatment will incur a surcharge of £5 to cover costs of shampoo and treating the parlour to prevent spread of fleas.