Purrfect Pet Spa

Purrfect Pet Spa Treatments

For the more pampered pooch or the spoilt feline, for a special treat or a real professional grooming finish, we offer a series of specialist body-913908_1920Pet Spa treatments – unique to Purrfect Pets and sure to make your pet look, and feel, great afterwards.

Blueberry Facial – £4
Facials? For Pets? Of course! Our blueberry facial is a refreshing and hydrating facial scrub, that has a gentle exfoliating effect to remove dirt and tear stains from around your pets eyes and mouth in one or a series of treatments. Your pet can sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful head massage whilst the great smelling facial takes effect.

Mud Bath – Starting from £6
A Mud Bath is applied as to your pet as part of a full body massage, having many positive effects for your pet – from helping with skin or muscular complaints, to helping them shed their coats more easily. We have a range of Mud Bath options available for your pet, so please select from the below:

Mobility Mud Bath – A stimulating, energizing mud bath treatment for healthy skin, a soft coat and relief from minor aches and pains. Invigorate your athletic, arthritic or aging best friend.

Soothing Mud Bath – The ultimate mud bath. Infused with a unique blend of mother nature’s finest ingredients that calm, comfort and promote healing. Being high in antioxidants, this is the softest mud you will ever find. Indulge your canine companion regularly for healthy skin and cuddly fur.

Shed Safely Mud Bath – This is a deep cleansing, sweet smelling mud bath, that contains hydrating omega oils and B vitamins to help relieve and prevent excess shedding. Can be used as often as required and is ideal for thick coats.

Paw Pedicure – £5
The surfaces we walk our dogs on can be very damaging for their pads, and the places our cats find themselves in can sometimes be dangerous too. To help prevent this wear and tear, we offer a pedicure with top of the range pet-safe products. The pedicure will help keep your pet’s paws soft and will prevent general soreness and cracking of their pads.