Small Animal Grooming Services

Small Animal Grooming Services

Whether you have a rabbit that needs a trim, or a guinea pSmall Animal Grooming Huddersfieldig that requires a bath, AV Purrfect Pets are happy to offer small animal

grooming. We realise that many pet groomers do not offer small animal grooming services, but we believe that small animals deserve to look and feel good too!

We enable the small animals to have a comfortable environment whilst with us – by providing a quiet room away from the feline and canine clients, we aim to make the small animal grooming experience as calm and stress free as possible.

We can offer a range of services for small animals, but owners must note that the services available will depend on the animal’s tolerance of handling by unknown people. Some small animals will enjoy their grooming experience as much as a dog or a cat, whilst others may not be as comfortable. We will always work with you, the owner, to ensure that you have the happiest pet possible upon arrival at the salon and upon leaving, too.

Our services range from a simple brush out of the coat, leaving them shiny and healthy, through to a dry shampoo and scissoring of the longer coat leaving them stylish and smelling amazing.

With smaller animals, the grooming sessions must be kept short to ensure that they leave as stress free as possible. For this reason, we often break the appointment up into two slots on separate days if needed.

Our prices for small animal grooming start from just £10.

Please contact us for further information, to discuss your small animal grooming requirements and to help us find a service that suits both you and your pet.